The benefits of installing a permanent out door antenna are numerous but lets start with the biggest. With a professionally mounted outdoor antenna you will receive more channels and with less interference and therefore less disruption than you would from a small indoor model. With indoor single TV antennas, you would have to place the antenna in an open area to get the best signal, leaving you with a large unsightly antenna in the open for everyone to see. With one powerful outdoor antenna you can power an entire home of 6+ TV’s with what you would spend on those single TV indoor antennas, and without that unsightly look. Our antennas are surprisingly inconspicuous and can sit on your roof without disturbing the natural look of your home. Because over the air antenna signals are non-compressed you will see a noticeable difference in visual quality, with HD antenna channels coming in clearer and more vibrant than through cable TV.

What We Can Do For You

The first step we would take is evaluating the location you live in for channel count and signal connectivity. At this point we can give you an estimated channel count depending which setup you decide on. variations in setups include type of antenna, and whether we install an amplifier. We then take into account how many tv’s you need connected, and then we connect your new system with RG6Q, the most advanced and well insulated wiring made for cable application. We take care to hide any visible wiring as best as possible to ensure that your install is not only effective but good looking. We then program all your televisions and make sure that all connections are secure. Now you can enjoy subscription free TV, which will on average pay itself off within the first six months!

Our Channel count estimate is not guaranteed as there can can be rare anomalous variables for which we cannot account for, but again, this is unlikely.

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