Security camera systems are rising in popularity, and with good reason. They allow you to keep an eye on your home and your belongings while providing a deterrence for would be criminals. If you’re thinking about installing security in your home, a simple and expandable camera network is the place to start. Once considered the exclusive realm of the rich, video surveillance equipment, like most high-tech products, has become increasingly affordable. With the wide selection of security cameras on the market today, it is very likely that even homeowners on a budget will be able to find a system that will suit their needs without breaking the bank.

Camera Systems

Most video security systems consist of several cameras. There is a wide selection of cameras you can choose based on style (bullet or dome) and functionality (field of view, motion tracking, resolution, zoom capabilities, 1 or 2 way audio).  Security cameras are usually used to monitor the outside of your home, but can also be installed indoors to provide extra security and evidence during a break in. they are all connected to a storage system called an NVR (network video recorder). as the name implies, you can view live video and recorded video from most online devices. this is especially useful if you have a smart phone. with a simple app you can control and monitor virtually every aspect of your camera system from anywhere in the world, on your phone. with a 2 way audio standing camera you can talk to anybody at home from your phone with full audio and video, providing a Facetime like feature directly to your home.

Options to think about

Storage space (depends on amount of cameras, camera resolution, desired recording period)

Resolution(quality of video recorded)

Field of view (how zoomed in image is recorded)

Zoomable (provides variable field of view)

Audio capabilities (no audio recording, audio recording, 2 way audio)

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