With TiOHome you can connect almost every aspect of your home to an interconnected system that will allow you to control it from your smart device.

Using TIOHome’s StealthStream box, you can fully power up to 4 speakers from a gadget that fits within a single gang outlet. This allows direct streaming from over a dozen online sources including Pandora, Spotify, and more. The Stealthstream also accepts optical audio in to connect an outside source to your speakers such as a cd or dvd player. The box also has an aux audio out to send audio to an outside source and further connect your audio ecosystem.

Tiohome dimmers provide mood enhancing dimming, energy savings, and automated control all in one. These dimmers not only dim, but can also be programmed to control any action or series of actions within the expansive tiohome network with a touch, right from the dimmer itself. The dimmer can save you money by being programmed to turn off when not in use, extending bulb life, and reducing energy costs when dimmed. Even when fully lit, tiohome dimmers save 4-9% energy when compared to standard switches

Smart climate control devices from Honeywell and nest can be integrated into the tiohome system to allow even more control of your homes temperature from a wider range of devices.

Even cameras can be integrated into the TIOHome system and viewed on the TIOHome app, but we suggest purchasing a separate network video recorder for a dedicated camera system, which you can view on your smart device as well!

With tiohomes ever expanding IR code library, virtually any device that has a controller can be programmed into the tiohome network and controlled from your phone or any other control device in the network.

Garage doors can be retrofitted with TIOHome to be programmed and controlled from any smart device.

With tio, motorized shades are a breeze. They can be programmed to move depending on the time of day, from your smart device, or a dimmer module.

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