Even for many apartments, standard ISP routers are too weak to reach every room unless it is installed in a centralized location. This effect is even more noticeable in houses, especially the bigger they get. The first step then would be for us to analyze your home and look for connection dips in speed and connectivity around your home with our devices, and compare them to the hardware you are currently using. With this knowledge we can pick the right router solution for your home and make sure you’re getting good consistent connectivity all throughout your home for all your devices.

What We Can Do For You

Did you know even for many medium sized homes, and depending on your houses construction, the wireless router provided by your ISP isn’t even powerful enough to cover your entire home reliably? If you use a lot of wireless devices at home it’s even more important to have a powerful enough system to handle all your devices without loss of connection and speed. You may have gotten used to how slow your internet connection has become, but in this day and age with ISP’s virtually standardizing their connections for 50mbps, you should never see a dip in pages loading or videos buffering. If you are, it is your prescribed router that is to blame. ISP’s aren’t providing you with the best equipment, and many times it’s not even sufficient. As well as increasing performance, upgrading to an aftermarket router will save you money in the long run! Most ISP’s add surcharges to your account for even using their wireless router’s capabilities. You can save an average of 10$ a month when you install your own router, and in a year you could be well on your way to paying off that upgrade!

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