Many excellent companies provide automation products, and many specialize in design and installation of one type of automation system or another (usually their own), for example, home theater lighting, or security systems.

It is much tougher to find companies with the depth of technical knowledge and experience to design and installs complete home systems. A single highly integrated system tailored to your home or business is more affordable and efficient than multiple separate systems. The key is to know how to design and pre-wire, what components to buy, and exactly how to put all the pieces together.

Deciding the look-and-feel of a home automation system should be a personal choice. With our experience in system design, and the wealth of devices we offer, the customer can select the best components to match their preferences. Choosing between in-wall touch screens, hand-held tablets, or remotes is not unlike selecting kitchen counter tops or lighting fixtures, in fact, it’s the future of remodeling.


Building a new home or remodeling?


It’s the ideal time to install home automation!

While automation can be incorporated into any existing home, the best time to do so is when remodeling or building a new home. Installation costs are at a minimum when walls are open. Wired installations are most reliable, and allow for a cheaper and more personalized automation system.

Existing home upgrade? Not to worry!

Wireless system designs can be used in retrofit projects with little to no change to home surfaces.

Our Clients

Home owners: We can help home owners design systems ranging from single room to a full house solutions. We will select appropriate components, connections, and locations; we program, and customize the system to the customer’s liking; and we train the home owner so that they can utilize the full potential of their new system.

Architects: Add the “WOW!” effect and energy efficiency to your architectural project; provide automation system design and engineering services; coordinate with traditional services like manufacturers, installers, and contractors; provide a complete low-voltage subcontractor service; and offer customization and support services to home owners.

Developers & general contractors: Add value and sophistication to any real estate property with little additional cost; design a fully upgradeable wiring system with only cost-efficient components installed; offer a system upgrade or component selection to home buyers prior to moving in; provide design and coordination services to assist existing contractors or a complete low-voltage subcontractor service.

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