Standard Setup

Standard setup includes:

  • Delivering television to your home (if applicable)
  • Unboxing and discarding of packaging if desired
  • Installation of stand and other possible hardware
  • Television options setup and walkthrough
  • Cable management (concealing wiring and equipment as to provide a sleek look)
  • Answering any questions about product
  • Cleaning of screen to provide that flawless “new look”

Call us for Pricing, details, and questions!

Mount TV

Includes all applicable standard setup objectives in addition to:

  • Mounting television on wall using professional grade mounts with lifetime workmanship guarantee.
  • precision centering and leveling of television, as well as presetting tilt for optimum viewing.
  • We ask you exactly where you want it, how high, and where exactly on the wall relative to household elements so its exactly where you want it. We also provide professional guidance to help you make your choice.

Add-Ons and Extras:

  • Mount type
    • Tilt mount- Our standard option for mounting your TV. Mount tilts up and down for adjustment of viewing angle.
    • Articulating mount- Mechanical arm mount to position your TV virtually anywhere within a 3d space. Allows you to extend TV from and toward wall, with the ability to pivot left and right, and tilt up and down. For places with multiple viewing angles or corner of room TV mounting.
    • Special location mount- We can mount your TV virtually anywhere with the right mount. Using cubby hole mounts, ceiling pole mounts, flip down mounts, in wall recessed mounts, and single bar mounts, amongst others to ensure your viewing pleasure wherever you need it.
  • Others
    • Power Outlet addition- Adds a standard power outlet behind your TV for a wire free look. (where a power run is feasible)
    • In wall Audio/Video run- Conceals all your HDMI and other AV cords in-wall to provide a wire free look. Standard size outlets at outlet points for a consistent look.

Call us for pricing, details, and questions!

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